Valentine's Day Plans

Valentine's Day Plans

Published by by GiftsForYouNow on Valentine’s Day on Jan 27th 2021

How to Make the Ultimate Valentine’s Day Plans

by GiftsForYouNow on Valentine’s Day


After the buzz of the new year settles, the anticipation of the most romantic holiday of the year takes over. That’s right, we’re talking about Valentine’s Day! The holiday known for its hearts, teddy bears, chocolates and flowers, Valentine’s Day is the time for loved ones to really showcase their love for each other. For some, planning for Valentine’s Day can be difficult. While it might seem like you don’t have a romantic bone in your body, here are some tips for making the ultimate Valentine’s Day for your special someone!couple dining out

Make Plans Now

You should start making your plans ASAP. Not only will it help you stay on budget, but you’ll have enough time to make reservations, purchase your personalized Valentine’s Day gifts and ensure you and your significant other have the time off to actually do any of your plans. The worst thing would be trying to make a dinner reservation at their favorite restaurant, but all the seats are already filled! Many businesses also start making their plans for Valentine’s Day at the start of the year, so making your plans now will give you the chance to call around to local businesses and ask if they’re having any events or specials for the holiday.

Establish a Budget

Your budget will help guide you through your plans. You don’t have to set aside thousands of dollars to make the ultimate Valentine’s Day. In fact, some of the best plans include cozying up in front of a good movie, some Chinese takeout and matching Valentine’s Day shirts. But you should still consider how much you want to spend. Even if you’re on a smaller budget, you can still do lots of fun events with your special someone. Going for a romantic walk around a local park, hanging up some string lights in the garage with a dance floor or cooking a homemade meal are all great romantic ideas for a fun, low-budget Valentine’s Day.writing Valentine's Day card

Get the Smaller Things Done Early

No one likes a frantic planner–or a procrastinator! In the weeks before Valentine’s Day, you can get some of the smaller things done to alleviate any stress on the day-of. Purchasing your Valentine’s Day card, creating a romantic music playlist or even purchasing a few personalized Valentine’s Day gifts for him are just a few of the things you can get done in the weeks before V-Day.

Figure Out the Food

Valentine’s Day is known for making food romantic. When you choose between staying in to cook or dining out, there are a few considerations.

  • Budget: If you have room in the budget to dine out, then it might be a good idea to consider doing so. You’ll want to make reservations well in advance, and you should also consider whether you want to go somewhere fancy or to your favorite pub. If your budget is a little low this year, then staying home might be the better choice.
  • Atmosphere: Dining out isn’t as private as staying in. The atmosphere of a fancy restaurant can make you and your partner feel a little out of place if you don’t typically frequent those establishments–or it’ll feel exciting to get out there and spend the evening feeling like “the other half,” if you will. If you both hardly ever go out to eat, then dining in can feel a little repetitive and might make your partner feel bored.
  • Tastes: Regardless of your decision to dine in or go out, you’ll want to keep your partner’s tastes in mind. Burgers or pasta? Lobster or chicken? Mousse or cake? Planning a meal for your loved one is the true test. If you know what they like to eat, then you’re on the right track!breakfast in bed for couple

Create an Atmosphere

Even if you’re doing a lot of activities outside your home for Valentine’s Day, you can still spruce the place up a bit! Hanging some romantic string lights, lighting some candles or placing some fresh red roses in different living areas can drive home your desire to make the holiday special. They’ll love how much you put into the day!

Do Things Throughout the Day

Cook breakfast, spend the afternoon at a local art museum and visit your favorite coffee shop for a sweet snack before dinner. Doing different activities throughout the day will ensure the whole holiday is dedicated to your love for your special someone. They’ll really appreciate the time you took to plan a special Valentine’s Day for them!